Date: November 17, 2021

Hunger and Homelessness Awareness week is observed for 9 days starting the second Saturday in November (since 1975).

Missouri Valley Coalition for Homeless People (MVCHP) & the University of Mary PACS group invite you to stand with us and raise awareness on homelessness in our community on Wednesday, November 17. One of the biggest problems that surround homelessness is ignorance. We are here to bring some light into this societal issue in the hope to better help people who experience it. Freezin’ for a Reason is an opportunity to stand in solidarity, collect donations of winter gear, food, and money, as well as destigmatize homelessness. Corner of Bismarck Expressway and South 12th Street. We will provide signs to hold and collection bins. Please dress accordingly!

If you have any questions please contact Rachel at 701.720.5178 /

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